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Pets Matter provides a professional, friendly, reliable and caring service for all your pets needs. As a committed animal lover who has owned a variety of pets all my life from dogs, cats, budgerigars, lizards, fish, chickens and ducks, I would be delighted to look after the members of your animal family too!

I can provide you with a flexible service tailored to your pet's requirements and you can rest assured that they will be taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. Pets Matter is a fully insured and Police checked; Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Visiting and Pet Taxi service based in Belfast.

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Busy lives mean that we cannot always provide the exercise, mental stimulation and routine that our dogs need to keep them happy members of our family. Being social animals they can become bored and destructive if left alone for extended periods of time.

There are many reasons why you might not be able to give your dog the daily walks that they need but I can do that for you, whether you want them walked locally or taken to the park, walked individually, or in a small group (maximum of four dogs). Any waste deposited along the way will be removed. They will be offered a drink of water, and paws will be cleaned before returning home.

A no obligation no fee, initial meeting can be arranged to discuss your individual requirements.




As I know myself, leaving your beloved cat or dog in the kennels can be a worrying and stressful time for all concerned. Some people just refuse to do it!

Our animals are used to their familiar home environment and routine and keeping them there will provide you with peace of mind while they remain happy and healthy in your absence.

I can provide individual attention for your pet by coming into your home to feed and provide water for them, change litter trays, clean up any mess, provide toilet breaks/short walk, play, and provide cuddles, as many times during the day as you wish (I do not however, stay over night). I am also happy to send you text or photographs while you are away, water your plants and set your post aside at no extra cost. I can call to your home in an unbranded vehicle as you may not want the world to know you are away!



To the grooming parlour or the vets or where ever your pet needs to travel within the Belfast area, I can take them for you.






Capturing that perfect picture of your pet can be difficult, let our professional photographer do the job for you in your own home.






Unfortunately I cannot accept any aggressive dogs whether male or female and in the interests of all the animals, please ensure yours are fully vaccinated and treated for fleas. If they have any health issues please inform me.

If a bitch is in season please inform me before you make a booking. I cannot take un-neutered dogs over the age of one, on group walks. When travelling, all animals will be caged or harnessed for their own safety and that of the driver.

There is no charge for key collection at the time of the first booking. For subsequent bookings keys can be dropped off at my home, or for a small fee, collected.

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1 hour solo dog walk 12
Half-hour solo dog walk 8



12 Per hour
9 Minimum charge for half hour



1 hour pet visit 8
Half-hour pet visit 6








Please contact me if you have a question about any service. Or should you have a specific interest, feel free to ask.


Mob: 07905 830387


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